decorate or climb

Dana C - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Okay, lve these lyrics.  My walls need some decorating!

"Coast of Carolina", Jimmy Buffett (Licence to Chill)

Little roadside restaurant we artfully complain 
Groovy tells the waitress that his chicken died in vain 
Most every day goes by according to design 
I live this dream and still it seems I have you on my mind 

From the bottom of my heart 
Off the coast of Carolina 
After one or two false starts 
I believe we found our stride 
And the walls that won't come down 
We can decorate or climb 
Or find some way to get around 
Cause I'm still on your side 
From the bottom of my heart. 

I can't see the future 
But I know it's coming fast 
It's not that hard to wind up knee-deep in the past 
There come alot of Mondays 
Since that phone booth that first night 
Tears and miles and years and smiles 
I wanna get it right. 

These days I get up about the time I used to go to bed 
Living large was once the deal 
Now I watch the stars instead 
They're timeless and predictable 
Unlike most things that I do 
I tell the wind and my old friend 
I'm headed home to you. 

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