obliteration of ego

Dana C - Friday, October 21, 2011

A quote I came across in a magazine while indulging in a pedicure this week:

I joke with my Buddhist friends that if they want obliteration of the (ego), they should have a child.

So true. (I changed the word "self" to "ego" because to me, they are quite different. I would argue that you obliterate your ego but you discover more of your self.)

I think the first time I every REALLY felt free from the pressures of I guess what you would call self-centeredness or ego was when my daughter was born.  It was such a swooping relief to fully realize that what matters most is creating love and beauty outside of yourself.

On a trip to Vienna many years back, and before I ever had or really wanted kids, I was awestruck by the beauty of Stephan's Dom, the city's cathedral.  The careful and devoted effort that went in to it's creation really struck me.  People spent their entire lives dedicated to forging the most beautiful and artful gift possible.  Time was not a consideration.  

While attempting to wrap my arms around one of the immense and magnificent interior columns (which was impossible due to their girth), it struck me that how this cathedral was created was how we should all look upon raising our children.

We no longer have the time or devotion to spend our entire lives handcrafting cathedrals showcasing man's artistic potential.

But, we can choose to use that model to create a cathedral when raising a child.  Don't settle for a strip mall church, folks.  Build a cathedral!

It seems a fitting time to post part of a song by Live/Ed Kowalczyk.  Essentially, love is god.  Does it get better than that?

"Love Shines (A Song For My Daughters About God)"

On a crystal clear blue morning 
There is a peace that only you can know 
It is truth and love and it is always there 
Even if you fall down 
Even if you fall down 
Love shines 

Oh, it shines 
Like an eternal sun, it shines 
Oh, love shines 
Like an eternal sun, it shines 

Think of gentle Jesus 
Think of the buddha underneath his tree 
They taught the world about love and how we all can be 
How we can all be free 
Open our hearts and see 
Love shines 
It shines 
Like a revolution in your mind 

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