grav3yardgirl outfit ideas with our rings

Dana C - Tuesday, October 01, 2013

This video from our favorite blue eyed videographer Bunny features our Three Moons Ring and our Skull Bone Ring.  Seriously, this girl totally ROCKS.  We want her fab energy.  Love...

raw crystal jewelry

Dana C - Monday, September 23, 2013

We are drawn in by this fabulous handmade raw crystal jewelry.  Opalescent crystals and crushed pyrite on nice chains and settings.  It is well thought out and crafted and the end product is making our hearts swoon.  Check them out at Accessory Foundry.

jewelry fab finds

Dana C - Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We just finished checking out new lines and found a few great things that will be arriving soon.  There are some really great artisans and indie designers out there and staying true to there design aesthetic. Quite a bit of diversity in what is available. Designers are definitely getting creative with materials and styles trying to hit what they see as a good price point. Kudos to them, they still find ways to get some great pieces for us to fall in love with.  Wish there was more, but there are enough truly gifted and devoted designers out there to leave you feeling good.  A few pics from lines we loved and are or will be arriving to Accessory Foundry soon...

anatomical love

Dana C - Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Anatomical Brass Heart Necklace

I don't normally post about a single item but this just blows me away.  Love this artisan/designer, he has such talent, vision and great design sense plus he and his wife are the cutest, sweetest, most hard working adorable people you have ever met.  If they haven't popped out kids yet, they should.  

This is one of his pieces.  A fab play on the anatomical heart.  Carved in detail on a heart shape.  I totally dig it because a REAL anatomical heart is so obvious and, well, a little too gory for me to be frank.  This, however JUST TOTALLY HITS THE MARK SO COOL SO COOL.

Love love love.

outfit idea - back to school

Dana C - Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thanks to tumblr mega goddess her-hair-is-always-a-mess

tribal jewelry

Dana C - Sunday, August 11, 2013
I am loving the intricate handwork and rustic beauty of tribal and ethnic jewelry right now.  There's inherently something exotic and eclectic in each piece.  Putting on this jewelry can evoke images of far away lands and peoples as well as bringing undeniable interest to your outfit.

The pieces can be worn alone or layered up for even more impact.  Add to a simple tee and jeans or finish off a bohemian ensemble or even add some surprise and edge to your favorite LBD.

stay away from that

Dana C - Monday, August 05, 2013

I just got done fast-walking one of the recent wholesale shows.  This is not one of my favorite shows, but it is one I feel I should go.  I did find some amazing LA made leather bracelets with unique details and some jewelry lovingly imported from Tibet that has funkadelic boho style with skilled handwork and a great price point.

But for the most part, there was just an endless sea of carbon-copy-imported-from-China-plastic-bling-more-of-the-same cr@p.  

I often wonder why people settle for such endless, expressionless monotony. Just because it is cheap doesn't mean you should buy it.

Just.  Walk.  Away.

Wait until you find something that has the ability to speak to your soul. Just wait for it.  When you see it, you will know.  

Do what I did today.  Walk past all the cr@p.  Surround yourself with things you love.  With art.  With happiness.

When you stop buying a bunch of stuff because it is cheap, you will find you will have a little more cash to buy something you crave.

Here's to being uniquely you. :)

diy chain bracelet

Dana C - Monday, June 24, 2013

A fun Saturday idea from our favorite e-magazine, SO VAIN.  They are British and oh so fashionable.  We like to follow them for ideas that may not yet have found their way stateside. 

Tutorial to make chain bracelet.

DIY chain bracelet

(quiet) statement jewelry

Dana C - Friday, April 19, 2013

Big and colorful statement jewelry.  You wear it because you want to be trendy, fashionable. You want to stand out.

It's still hot but I'm bored with it.  I've seen enough over-the-top plastic, epoxy, big and bauble-y necklaces and bracelets. They are rarely made well so that they can sell inexpensively. You can just look at them and smell the cheap.

I'm not saying all eye-catching pieces should go away.  But it is time to make a new, bold, individual statement. A little drama can be fabulous. Well-made standout pieces made with taste and craft are timeless and fun. I'm saying choose wisely, tastefully, with individuality.

As for the plastic and epoxy chunky colorful things, sorry, I've seen you too many times by now.  You are passe. You have been far too blatantly obvious for too long already and are no longer new or interesting.  You are like bell bottoms or neon dresses or big hair... it's fun for a while but you just can't take too much of it.

A better accessory statement to make is unique, interesting, worth a second look.  Worth a long stare even.  Your style accented perfectly yet not too overtly is always the best statement.  And, remember to focus. Make your focal point a standout earrings OR necklace OR clutch OR bracelet. Not all at once.

Think of the art of flirting.  A quiet meeting of the eyes can be much more intriguing than an overt "Hey baby, damn you look fine!".   

Make your statement, leave your mark, stand out in a crowd, be 100% you, venture into experimental territory.  Just do it in a way that's worth a second glance or an envious stare. 

Make them wonder how you put together the most amazing and unexpected combination.  Play with hard and soft, feminine and masculine, tight and flowy.  Wear a feminine sheer black top and pair it with a chunky chain with a big horn.  Your pieces should "go", but not necessarily match.  An eclectic combination is always better than a perfectly plotted and matched outfit.  

Just like your personality shouldn't be too conforming, neither should be your style. Make your statement elegantly, effortlessly, unexpectedly even fiercely.

Just remember, we cover our ears when we hear a scream and yet lean in to hear a whisper.

Some statement jewelry from Accessory Foundry.

perfect minimalism jewelry

Dana C - Thursday, April 04, 2013

Delicate, handmade, whimsical and simply wearable.  For your minimalist days, Fresh Tangerine has the perfect little adornments.  Sterling silver or gold-filled.  A few styles are below, visit for more.

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