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Dana C - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Initially, we weren't sure we wanted to carry watches at Accessory Foundry.  Not that we don't like watches, we do.  But, there is the issue of warranty so you need to find a good company, and we felt that they would have to be a fashion piece, not just a time piece.

Then we found Winky Designs and had to take the plunge.  Their designs take such a unique approach.  We love how they incorporate the friendship bracelet and wrapped stone bracelet trend.  And, we love the slap watches with bright colors and fun icons instead of numbers.  

These watches are perfect to stack up with all the fun bracelets that are out now because they won't detract from the look, they will add to it.  

Okay, let's be practical too.  They have a Japanese movement and a one year warranty.


spring accessory trends 2011

Dana C - Monday, January 30, 2012

Living near Vegas, the weather is already sunny, warm and wonderful. Spring is definitely on the way!

Trends are thought out in think tanks months, even years ahead of time.  Somewhere people deciding that during a certain fashion season everyone will be wearing these specific colors, hemlines, necklines... 

Sure, this helps coordinate (and perhaps more importantly market) fashion, but remember it is still cleverly sold opinion and you are still entitled to express your own style.

While I understand the necessity of uniformity, what often pulls strongest at my heart strings are the inspirational moments made while thinking outside of the box.  Pure, unique, raw, artistic, commitment...

Give us art, something to love.  Something maybe we've seen before but do it your way, make us stop and look with admiration and a tad bit of jealousy. 

Spring 2011 accessory trends: 

The grapevine is saying that jewelry and accessories will be more important than ever so I'm hoping for a lot of great fab finds. We should see a lot of:

    • Cuffs, bangles and stacked bracelets
    • Creative necklaces and chokers
    • Asymmetric jewelry
    • Geometric jewelry
    • Belt purses and clutches
    • Larger, longer earrings
    • Cat eye & fun sunglasses

Whatever your style, I hope there will be something that will grab your heart and not let go.  Be discerning and be you!


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